solar powered floating fountains for ponds offers 1,646 solar fountains for ponds products. It also helps to remove carbon dioxide and ammonia with the use of a stone diffuser. What are the Benefits of a Solar Aerator? Sizes will include ¾ HP, 1 ½ HP, or a 3 HP fountain. Stone diffusers for better air circulation, Some users claim that the product did not last for a year, Inclusions: Aeration pump, airline tubing, diffuser, Styrofoam float. We are pleased to introduce our state-of-the-art Solar Pond Fountains. This powerful solar panel, paired with a high-quality pump, can be able to aerate small ponds. Use this fountain for water circulation of oxygen or birdbath. 400 LPH Solar Powered Fountain Water Feature Pump with Battery Back Up. Last but not least, you can use the flexible airline in this kit to place the air stones strategically for maximum air circulation in the pond. You can then turn it on come night time so that your aerator will still have enough power to function efficiently. The only difference between the two is the diffuser plate of this kit can hold up to two diffuser sticks which can deliver up to 0.8 CFM airflow. Spray patterns are one of the most unique and eye-catching features of your solar fountains. Considering the fantastic features of the products listed in this article, we can say that you are in for a tough selection process when you buy a solar pond aerator. Shop a huge online selection at With its pump size, this aerator is perfect for small ponds with only a few fishes. A good aerator should last for up to 4 hours at full charge under sufficient sunlight. Among all the other aeration kits in this list, this air pump kit contains one of the most powerful solar panels as it can give a maximum wattage of 2.5 watts. These solar fountains work by capturing energy from the sun and channeling it to an inverter, where the energy is converted to electricity to power your floating pond fountain. As mentioned, you need to factor in the size of your pond when choosing a solar pond aerator. Other features customers can look forward to include cable-quick disconnects on the pump and motor for low-maintenance and winterizing, stainless steel frames and intake screens, and an industry-leading control panel with solar controllers designed for optimal run time. $299.99 $199.00. You see, getting low levels of oxygen regularly can stress the fish and weaken their immune system. One of our popular solar-powered pond fountains is the floating lily solar water fountain. Inclusions: air pump, solar panel, air stones. Each kit includes a pump, spray heads and a solar panel that can be assembled in minutes. This is a must to make sure that your fishes will get the oxygen levels that they need. Please keep in mind that the equipment needs to be exposed to enough sunlight to work. The kit already comes with a power cord which is long enough to allow you to experiment with the placement of the aerator. This aeration kit is one of the most expensive solar pond aerators in the market, but its prices come with a lot of features that you would want to take advantage of. That is what a pond aerator does. Here are a few ways that a pond fountain can improve the quality of water and aquatic life in a pond.

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solar powered floating fountains for ponds